The seven falls of Setti Fatma are just a short walk from the main hub of the village. While the lower levels are easy to access, the higher sections will require some climbing and scrambling over craggy rocks and boulders. The hike to the top can be quite a challenge! (Or, so I’ve been told—I didn’t make it all the way to the top!) Set off early before the day becomes hot, particularly if you’re visiting in the summer months. Overhanging trees provide plenty of shade at the bottom, but you become more exposed the higher you climb.

Various birds and other wildlife call the area home and, as you climb higher, you can enjoy terrific views of the surroundings. There are basic drink stands and seating areas to take a break—look out for the natural cooling systems used by savvy vendors to be able to sell ice cold drinks! It’s possible to swim at several parts of the falls, and rafting is also available in the area.

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