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Visit the village of Setti Fatma

One of the main destinations for day-trippers from Marrakech, Setti Fatma is a top place for nature lovers. Attracting both domestic and international visitors, the charming village has traditional buildings that were homes when the area was a Berber settlement. Enterprising locals saw the popularity of the area, and it is now almost entirely focused around tourism. There are tour operators providing a range of outdoor adventures and tours, and most of the buildings house accommodations, restaurants, and shops. You can pick up a range of local handicrafts and artwork for reasonable prices, though do shop around and haggle to get the best deals. Stop at one of the eateries to savour tasty Moroccan fare, such as grilled meats and a variety of tagines.
Most establishments have seating areas next to the river, and some establishments have set up tables and chairs right in the cold flowing waters! Dine with your feet in the water for a novel mealtime experience. Rickety rope bridges cross the water and you can wander along the rocky embankments; be careful, though, of slippery rocks!

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